We help patients to manage their severe mental health conditions

Who we are

We are a team of uniquely combined enthusiasts in the areas of psychiatry, data analytics, IT solutions and business development that tackle big problem of severe mental health disease management.


Founding Mindpax in Prague with the aim of building the monitoring platform for bipolar patients.


Successfully started largest clinical trial with 400 bipolar patients in Prague monitored for 18 months in order to get data allowing treatment improvement.


Founded Mindpax GmbH in Germany, have won the Health-i competition of die Techniker Krankenkasse, made it to top 7 digital startups in European Health Catapult and have been accepted to JLABS of Janssen.


Defined first predictive algorithms and digital phenotypes. First patients have ended the trial with 18 months monitoring. The patient compliance rate is still around 90%.

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Our goal

Helping patients to manage their severe conditions by providing support and oversight of their disease. Giving this information to the carer allows for early intervention.