We help patients to manage their severe mental health conditions

Who we are

We are a team of uniquely combined enthusiasts in the areas of psychiatry, data analytics, IT solutions and business development that tackle big problem of severe mental health disease management.


Foundation of Mindpax in Prague with the aim of building a monitoring platform for tracking crucial biomarkers which reflect the overall functioning, mental and physical health of the individual.

Focus on sleep problems, increasing sports performance and prevention in severe mental illnesses.


Cooperation with the Czech NIMH on a clinical trial focusing on relapse prevention in patients with schizophrenia.It is a unique program with high success rates in relapse prevention due to a continuous collection of subjective questionnaires from patients and their relatives.



The Mindpax system is used by leading Czech specialists in sleep centers as an objective tool for measuring sleep disorders.


Successfully started the largest clinical trial in collaboration with the Czech NIMH with 400 bipolar patients in Prague monitored for 18 months in order to get data allowing treatment improvement.


Collaboration with top athletes, optimizing their performance with regard to sleep and activity parameters, time of the year or traveling between time zones.


Foundation of a subsidiary company Mindpax GmbH in Germany under the auspices of the Medical Valley project in Forchheim.

Winning the Health-i competition of die Techniker Krankenkasse

We have made it to top 7 digital start-ups in European Health Catapult and have been accepted as a resident company of Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS, a premier life science incubator program.


Defined first predictive algorithms and digital phenotypes. First patients have ended the trial with 18 months monitoring. The patient compliance rate is still around 90%.

Opened a new office in Munchen, Germany

We are notificated as a medical device by the Czech state institute for drug control (SÚKL)


Research cooperation with King ́s Colleague in London focusing on early diagnosis of ADHD and ADD in children by using Mindpax system.

Our team


Soňa Sikorová
Co-Founder & Product Owner
Jan Novák
Co-Founder & CTO
Pavel Nevický
Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel Novák
Co-Founder, Data Science Head

Maximilian Haas
Clinical Development Head

Medical Advisory Board

Filip Španiel
Psychiatrist & Medical consultant

Christoph U. Correll
Psychiatrist & Medical consultant
Charité DE


Marián Kolenič
Psychiatrist & Medical consultant

Tereza Hartmannová
Psychologist & Clinical Studies Coordinator

Kateřina Urbanová
Psychologist & Clinical Studies Coordinator

Andrea Dally
Psychologist & Clinical Studies Coordinator

Data Science

Eduard Bakštein
Data Analyst

Pavel Vostatek
Data Analyst

Jakub Schneider
Data Analyst

IT Development

Artyom Gornostayev
Technical Architect

Michal Zbortek
Software Developer - Android App


Kateřina Lesse
COO/Quality Assurance & Control Manager

Ivan Svoboda
Administrator & Quality Assurance Specialist

Eva Krátkoruká
General Admin/Procurement

Eva Lipárová
General Admin


Klára Šamšová Jakubcová
Marketing and Media