Will the Mindpax.me app work on my smartphone?
The Mindpax.me app is compatible with smartphones with operating system Android (from version 4.3) and iOS (from version 8). You can find this information in your phone settings. This generally applies to phones not older than 6 years.
Is it possible to use the Mindpax system without a smartphone?
Yes, we offer an alternative device for data transmission that is just needed to be plugged into the electricity. And you can fill in the questionnaires through our web portal on your PC.
Can I use the device if I have dermatological problems?
Yes, for this case we can offer you a skin friendly wristband.
Whilst using the Mindpax system do I have to share my data with my Psychiater?
That is only up to your decision. The system can be used without sharing data with the Psychiater. But if you choose to share the data, it can help you and your Psychiater to understand the individual course of your disease and to improve your communication during the visits.
How would I profit from the Mindpax system as a sportsman?
We can help you to optimize your training, sleep and jet lag (whilst traveling between the time zones) through an analysis of actigraphic and chronobiological data. You will receive a complete analytical report and there is an opportunity to consult it with our experts.