How can Mindpax help me in my practice?

The Mindpax system for mental health was developed through collaboration with mental health experts and clinicians as well as their patients. Mindpax helps patients to become more engaged in their treatment and follow their progress.

Mindpax also allows you to remotely monitor patients easily and cost-efficiently, as well as provide a visualization of their biorhythm/data and in some cases, identify why the symptoms appear, and how to avoid them.

Increase the quality of life for patients

Reduce costs for the health system by preventing hospitalizations

Help doctors make better informed decisions

How does biorhythm monitoring with Mindpax wristbands work?

It all starts with a simple wristband, permanently worn on the user’s wrist. The wristband looks like a typical fitness band and measures a person’s physical activity and sleep. The user installs the free application on their mobile phone and the wristband’s data is transferred to it via Bluetooth. This allows the user to regularly check both their sleep and activity. All data collected by the mobile app is encrypted and sent to a server where it is evaluated. The user then chooses with whom they want to share their data via a web portal.

How is the Mindpax system different from fitness bands/applications?

The main difference is in the way data is handled. Fitness bands / applications aggregate raw activity data into well-known fitness parameters such as the number of steps, calories burnt or periods of sleep, and the rest of the data is thrown away. The data analysis by Mindpax goes far deeper than that. We work with primary data, looking for long-term trends and links to an individual’s medical condition and its development as well as fitness parameters. As the amount of data grows, Mindpax’s algorithms are custom-adjusted for each user to detect deviations from the norm.

How is this data relevant in my practice?

Receiving your patients’ data in a timely manner will give you enough information and allow you to quickly check a patient’s condition and progress, as well as also provide the opportunity to apply the right kind of treatment or adjust medication. Patients will also be notified of early warning signs, which we will be able to predict from their data.

Will Mindpax place an additional administrative burden on my practice?

No, the Mindpax system works independently, and only sends you an early-warning email, if it detects prodromal symptoms of a relapse. You can, however, check the patients data, whenever necessary.

How many patients are now being monitored and what is the goal?

We are currently monitoring 100 BOD patients. Our goal is to get 1,000 patients involved in the program, based on the data obtained.

How can I get involved?

Just contact us by e-mail at