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The Mindpax system was originally developed for long-term data collection in psychiatry. However, its versatility made it useful in other field of medicine such as somnology, neurology and pneumology.
It enables the long-term collection of both objective (activity, sleep) and subjective (questionnaires, medication, events) data. Immediately after being sent out it, is available on a web portal, in both its raw form and the form of pre-selected parameters, which are already calculated.

Wide use

The Mindpax system is able to monitor physical activity and sleep in the long run, and also to collect a subjective assessment of their condition with the help of selected questionnaires.


The data can be transferred discretely to a server where you can either download it as a researcher in rough form or as an aggregate of the research parameters you desire..


The Mindpax Monitoring Research System is certified and validated by polysomnographs in the laboratory.


Data security is ensured by Microsoft’s Azure servers which work at the highest security standards for data protection.

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Technical specifications 

Comparison to MotionWatch

Examples of published research papers

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