Discover how partnering with Mindpax
can give the edge to your products.

Sales partners

We understand that partners are key, in our quest to improve the lives of people suffering with mental health issues. By joining Mindpax Sales Partners, you will get access to the latest mHealth and wearables technologies and maximum support on your quest to achieve market share.

Pharmaceutical Companies

In the saturated medication market for mental disorders, our technologies can help you differentiate your products as well as gain important data about their functionality. Patients will have higher engagement and adherence to medication.

Insurance Companies

Save costs by employing Mindpax solutions with your customers suffering from mental health issues. Our technologies can help users avoid hospitalizations and recover faster, which improves their lives and cuts costs for their treatment.

Clinical Research Organizations

Mindpax offers modern solutions for long-term monitoring of patients‘ circadian rhythmicity and subjective feelings which can be utilized in a variant of research fields. We go the extra mile to customize data outputs for your purposes and make them available online in near real-time.

Our Partners