Our Solution

The Mindpax system is a tele-medicine tool which ensures relapse prevention in bipolar disorder and psychotic illnesses.

Our solution enables to speed up the patient's learning process of managing a mental disease through visualisation of comprehensive data of the course of the disease as well as external factors which may have an impact on the relapse onset. The part of the system is also a supportive psychoeducation of the patient and his relatives as it is an important and empirically proven preventive tool.

For the psychiatrist, the system provides a comprehensive visualisation of long-term data that includes activity, sleep, mood, medication and psychosocial factors. By a long-term visualisation we try to save time and improve communication between psychiatrist and his patient. Continuous data collection also reduces the effect of patients memory and physician ́s attention which is being daily overloaded.

With the patient's consent it is possible to involve his relatives into the system.

They can complete a questionnaire assessing changes in patient's condition. These data then significantly enrich the comprehensive visualisation.

Actigraphy device

The activity sensor is a part of a small, lightweight, waterproof bracelet with a battery that lasts up to 6 months without charging. The data are transmitted to the Mindpax.me mobile application through bluetooth. From the mobile application, the data are sent via an internet connection to a secure database for activity and sleep calculations. The calculated data are then displayed directly in the mobile application and on the user's web portal. We also offer an alternative transmission device instead of a mobile application.

Mobile application

The mobile application works as a data transmission system and as a source of other supportive data (mood questionnaire, medication, important life events). The data are then displayed in a form that allows a better management of the disease. Part of the mobile application are also educational materials that provides useful information about the disease.

Web portal

The Mindpax web portal provides a more detailed view of the data than the mobile application. It can also work as a substitute for the mobile application when filling in the mood questionnaires by the user and his relatives.

Medic portal

The medic portal provides a comprehensive visualization of long-term patient data and their analysis.