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We monitor your biorhythms so that you
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Daylight is crucial for good mental health and happy life. Life on Earth would more than likely be impossible without sunlight as well as water and oxygen. How does the hormone melatonin affect human biorhythms? How can bad biorhythms put your health at risk?


Mindpax solution for mental health was developed in collaboration with clinical experts specializing in mental health and their patients. Our solution helps patients to become more engaged in their treatment and follow their progress.


The Mindpax system was originally developed for long-term data collection in psychiatry. However, its versatility made it useful in other field of medicine such as somnology, neurology and pneumology.


What is
a biorhythm?

How do biorhythms affect our lives?

How can you monitor
your biorhythm?

How does the Mindpax monitoring system work?