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Predicting mental health attacks
before they actually happen.


Biorhythms are guided by the very elements of the universe, such as water, oxygen and sunlight. What insight can biorhythms give us into our mental and physical wellbeing and how can Mindpax help you in your everyday life?


The Mindpax system for mental health was developed through collaboration with mental health experts and clinicians as well as their patients. Mindpax helps patients to become more engaged in their treatment and follow their progress.


The Mindpax system was originally developed for long-term data collection in psychiatry. However, its versatility made it useful in other fields of medicine such as somnology, neurology and pneumology.

What is
a biorhythm?

A biorhythm is a natural phenomenon that can affect our lives in many ways, from our moods to our physical performance.

How can you track
and measure your biorhythm?

The Mindpax monitoring system can help you monitor your biorhythms, giving you insights into your physical and mental wellbeing.